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What makes Future Directions CIC different?…Personalised Care and Support

Future Directions CIC is a values based organisation with the experience and expertise in delivering social care services to individuals with complex needs. 

We have developed a highly knowledgeable, experienced and skilled workforce that is committed to delivering high quality personalised care and support services to all individuals with complex needs. 

Throughout the values driven culture of Future Directions CIC, the people we support and their families/carers are at the centre of everything we do, with the commitment to ensure cost effective delivery of high quality, personalised services in their local community. 

Our values based culture permeates all levels of our company, providing openness and transparency both internally and externally.

CQC Quotes:

'The service had a very strong value base which was reflected throughout the service.'

'People were invloved in drawing up and reviewing their own care plans which we saw were person centred and produced in a way the person could understand.'

'The strong value base of the organisation was shared and demonstrated at all levels from personal assistants to the Managing Director, with all actions measured against the values of the organisation.  Staff felt respected and valued in their role.'

'We saw that the culture of the service was person centred: one personal assistant told us, "It's their home at the end of the day.  It might be my place of work but it is their home.  The People who use the service come before everything else".'

'We saw that people were encouraged to remian as independent as possible, and staff supported people to manage tasks within their capabilities.'


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